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Paragator Issue: Errors in threads not reported

Name: Errors in threads not reported
ID: 3
Project: Paragator
Type: Enhancement
Area: Administration
Severity: Low
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Tom Chiverton
Created: 09/09/09 6:54 AM
Updated: 09/09/09 9:22 AM
Description: This might be by design, but if the RSS fetching threads error, then this is not reported.

Just after the thread's are rejoined, I added a check and a cfthrow. If this swallowing of errors is by design, can I suggest a new flag to turn on the throwing and wrapping the new cfif in a check against the flag ?

<!--- copy out just for ease of use --->
<cfloop index="x" list="#tlist#">
<cfset thread = evaluate("#x#")>
<cfif structKeyExists(thread, "error")>
      <cfthrow message="#thread.error.message#" detail="#thread.error.stacktrace#" >
History: Created by tom.chiverton@halliwells.com (Tom Chiverton) : 09/09/09 6:54 AM

Comment by cfjedimaster (Raymond Camden) : 09/09/09 9:22 AM
It was by design since I figured you wouldn't want to abort if one of ten feeds were down.

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